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Three Ways to Save on Shopping

I definitely love good bargains and finding ways to save, especially around the holiday season. I have a few tips and tricks I like to use to get cash back and rewards, and they make my shopping experience even better! As a holiday gift to you, I'd like to share three methods I use to make the most of my money. And, I'll share referral codes so you can sign up and get bonuses right away!  

1. Ebates

I've used Ebates for a little over a year now, and it's been an amazing way to get cash back on purchases. Whenever you want to shop online, you go to first, search for the website you want, and then click through to shop. Your shopping trip will link to Ebates and, after checking out, you'll get a percentage of cash back on your Ebates account. A few times a year, Ebates mails you a check for however much you saved. So it's basically like free money for buying things you would have bought anyway! Super cool. 

Get started: Use this link to sign up and start earning cash back! By using my link, you'll get $10 just from the start. 

2. Ibotta

Similar to Ebates, Ibotta is a cash back program in the form of a mobile app. You can search for your favorite stores to shop at in person (my big two are Whole Foods and ACME) and browse through the available rebates. You can load offers to your account and then go shopping as you normally would. Then, you redeem your offers by taking a photo of your receipt, and it gives you cash for all the rebates you redeemed. You can also link your Ibotta to other mobile apps, like Uber and Boxed. Once you get to $20 in your Ibotta account, you can cash out through Venmo or Paypal, OR you can get gift cards for a bunch of different brands! I love saving up for Whole Foods gift cards and getting free groceries.

Try it out: Download Ibotta for free from the app store, then use referral code qhhdwgi. You'll get a bonus when you redeem your first offer, yay!

3. Drop

Drop is another great app that gives you rewards for shopping as you normally would. You can unlock offers for your favorite brands and then you just link your credit card and are good to go! Every time you shop at one of the stores you've listed as a favorite, you get points based on how much you spent. Then, you can redeem your points and get gift cards! You already know I love Whole Foods, so I'm saving up for another gift card on this app as well. FREE GROCERIES ARE SO THRILLING. This app is cool because you don't have to submit receipts or anything to get your points. All you do is shop and it links to the app!

Check out Drop: Use referral code pnrai when signing up! 

It only takes me a little bit of extra work to utilize these programs, but the rewards are more than worth it. It feels like a present to earn cash back and gift cards on purchases I was already planning to make! Try these out with your holiday shopping this season and watch your rewards add up.

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